It’s a series of evangelistic events aimed at getting non-believers to know Jesus as their personal Saviour and enter into what God has prepared for them.

What can you expect at the meeting?

God’s presence, which changes lives and gives hope

an amazing atmosphere full of love and respect

music of praise to God

a preached word that transforms in its truth and brings about new things

The premise of TIME OF BREAKTHROUGH meetings isn’t to “charge the batteries of believers” but “warm up non-believers”. 

Does this mean that believers shouldn’t come to TIME OF BREAKTHROUGH events?

On the contrary!

We want every believer to invite at least one person who doesn’t yet know God personally. Let this event be a new beginning for this person – an amazing stage in a life full of experiencing God and His supernatural activity.

After the meeting, everyone who decides to follow Jesus is directed to a local church to feed, grow, get to know their Lord more deeply and have a relationship with other believers.

TIME OF BREAKTHROUGH events last about three hours.


God was faithful. I brought 13 people to this event. Everyone was in tears and met Jesus, and experienced His love and salvation!

Mariola, Warsaw

I’ve never been to SUCH A MEETING before. It was difficult to hold back tears. TIME OF BREAKTHROUGH is an event that really pulls on the heartstrings.

Magdalena, Malbork

Before TIME OF BREAKTHROUGH, I felt lonely even though I had many friends around me. Since the meeting, I have felt continuous peace and goodness. I’ve been telling all my relatives about this transformation. I know I’ll never be alone again!


On 8 June, during TIME OF BREAKTHROUGH in Gdynia, my life changed – I gave it to Jesus. It was a new beginning! It was the first time I really experienced Him.


I came for the sake of my friends, and I left weeping, clean and uplifted! It was crushing! I’m sorry, but this is the word I’ve had in my head and on my lips since yesterday.

Aleksandra, Bytów

I had a very sick right eye – swelling, pus, and unbearable pain. After leaving TIME OF BREAKTHROUGH, there was no more swelling or pus. The pain went too! I believe it was our Lord and God! Thank you!


Check out TIME OF BREAKTHROUGH events that are taking place closest to where you live, and invite people who you feel that must be there!

TIME OF BREAKTHROUGH is already taking place in four locations in Poland and abroad, so we believe that distance won’t be an obstacle for you:

Czas Przełomu I ERGO ARENA 2021