Nations On Fire School

Nations On Fire School is a place prepared for You to grow trough learning to walk in God’s presence, wchich changes, transforms and gives true meaning.

For 2021 we receive form the Holy Spirit, and we believe it, that we need to focus on the fundamentals.

We see an enormous need in our nation, to touch on the foundations of fundamental biblical truths functioning in life of every man. We believe that without them it is not possible to function and build permanently.

In NOF School we want to focus on spending time in God’s presence, and that is why during the meetings we will enter worship, wchich draws God’s glory to the earth.

We believe, first year of NOF School will be an amazing tool to equip everyone, whose dream is to serve God with all life.

When and how?

8 meeting| 2 semesters


12 – 13 march
9 -10 april
14 – 15 may
11 – 12 june


10 – 11 september
8 – 9 october
12 – 13 november
10 – 11 december

Meetings are starting on friday evening and ending on saturday evening.


Modlińska 6D, Warszawa, Global Expo
and online

How much?

Registering to NOF School online

from 07.01.2021 to 24.01.2021 – 85 zł/meeting
from 25.01.2021 to 04.03.2021 – 100 zł/meeting
from 05.03.2021 to 19.03.2021 – 115 zł/meeting

Registration is required for the entire year – 8 meetings.
The registration fee is not refundable.

What for the price?

Lectures by Jakub and Sara Kamiński and guests, and also the materials to school.

For who?

For every person who wants to grow, strong foundations and God’s presence for every day in their life.


We closed registration for this year. We invite you to NOF School 2022!
More information soon!

n o f s c h o o l @ n a t i o n s o n f i r e . o r g