Jakub Kamiński


Jakub is an evangelist, visionary, radical Christian, and loving servant of God.

The passion and commitment with which he speaks about his Friend Jesus draws thousands, and confronts tens of thousands.

He’s obedient to the Holy Spirit – he never starts preaching without Him.

Jakub is an activist. He has devoted his entire life to the Gospel, and is prepared for people to call him crazy.

His biggest dream is to see people hungry for God’s presence – people who not only meet their Lord on Sunday in church, but live with Him every moment.

Jakub values honesty, passion and readiness.

He’s the happy husband of Sara and father of Dawid.


I was born in a Christian family in which my parents showed me God and instilled a passion for Jesus from a very young age. However, in order to know His supernatural power, I had to go through some dark moments…

At the age of 12, I was discovered as having a lot of sporting potential, and I left home for a football school in one of the best football clubs in the country, where my talent began to explode. At the age of 16, I was taken by Poland’s national youth team, after which I went to another club and signed a professional contract. From then, my life turned to parties, and alcohol, gambling and various types of drugs became part of my everyday life.

During a match at the age of 23, I injured my knee, and had to undergo a complicated surgery. I returned to the game, but during another match, it happened again, and I ended up on crutches…

A few weeks after this incident, I attended a Christian conference that my parents had invited me to. During the event, God’s presence came in such an amazing way that I gave my life to Jesus, and I was also completely healed – I ran out of the meeting and ran around the park experiencing God’s miraculous power!

After this event, I began to relentlessly seek a relationship with God, in whom I found what no one and nothing in this world had ever given me – love, freedom, joy, and happiness! I began to share the message of Jesus everywhere I went – on the streets, in shops and in banks.

At the end of 2015, I made my first trip as an evangelist to a foreign conference in South America, where I preached and prayed for people. It swallowed me up completely and I’m still like that today!

From that moment, Sara and I have been spreading the Gospel in every part of the world, inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit.

My personal dream is that every person’s heart will get ignited for Jesus and that the Gospel spreads among non-believers.

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