Nations On Fire

This is a project that God put in the heart of Jakub Kamiński. Our goal is for all nations to burn with passion for the living God!

Since 2015 during our events, we’ve had the privilege of watching God work on six continents.

Every day, our foundation spreads the Gospel and reaches thousands of people in Poland.

Traveling around the world, we see thousands of people giving their lives to Jesus! At events organised by Nations on Fire, we see healings, signs and miracles through the amazing power of the Holy Spirit!

We believe that being saved, we’re destined to walk in freedom, healing and a personal relationship with our God.

We believe that the same Holy Spirit we read about in the book of Acts is among us – that’s why we should see the same things as those described in the Bible, AND EVEN GREATER things!

We believe that it’s time to break religious thinking about Christianity and living with God. We want to light a fire in people’s hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit! We want to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in understanding that being saved, we are destined to walk in freedom, healing and a personal relationship with our God.

Jakub & Sara Kamiński

President & Vice President of the Nations on Fire foundation

We believe that we have been joined to spread the Gospel together in the power of the Holy Spirit!

Our personal dream is that every person’s heart will get ignited for Jesus and that God’s presence will be so tangible that we will experience signs and wonders, as the Lord promised.

Only He deserves the glory!

The Nations On Fire Team

Totally different, but connected by one passion – to spread the glory of God.
We’re ready to serve God and you!

Tomasz Kamiński

Event Director

Noemi Miriam Niemiec

Social Media Director

Natalia Perenc


Kamil Osieczko

Media Director

Kamila Chrąchol

Project Manager

Our Partners

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