Sara Kamińska


Sara is a woman with a delicate heart and strong faith. She’s in love with God, and rooted in His Word. She’s full of passion and vision for the transformation of human hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Sara is the perfect support and complement to her husband. She’s brave and courageous, obedient, and ready to sacrifice for the Lord – she moved from Ecuador to Poland to serve the Lord and people here.
Her biggest dream is to see people grow spiritually and hunger for God’s presence.
What she says about God: “I love His Father’s heart. He’s so madly in love with us! He never gives up – he always fights for us. Every day, he looks for ways to show his children how much he loves them. When He teaches, it’s done in love. He forgives. He transforms. He takes the greatest pain and turns it into joy. This is my God!”
To her, her family is an amazing gift from God. Travelling, showing the world to her son, Dawid, and teaching him new things are her true passion.


I was born in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. I grew up in a Christian family – my parents are pastors of “Su Presencia” churches, which are scattered throughout the country.

In the early years of my life, I grew up in two different worlds. The first was the church, the second was everyday school life. I knew my friends thought Christians were boring and religious people, so I didn’t want to be identified in that way.

One evening, as always before bed, I was reading the Bible in my room. Suddenly the words of the Scriptures began to touch my heart, and the Holy Spirit came to my room in such a powerful way that every word I read came alive and became real. My shame turned into courage, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me, teach me and exhort  me. Suddenly, God was no longer just my parents’ God. He became my personal God and Saviour.

The next day, after being filled with the Holy Spirit, I was ready and began to preach the Gospel to my friends. I did it at school, in homes and parks, as well as on the streets. At the age of 12, I started my first home group of ten teenagers. And this is how my ministry was born.

I graduated from Business School in Ecuador, specialising in marketing, and completed a course in radio and television production at Centro Cristiano de Comunicaciones. In my fourth year of study, I went to the United States and obtained a bachelor’s degree in electronic media at Northwestern University. At the same time, I completed ancillary Bible studies and several ministry-preparation courses.

After returning to Ecuador, I started working in a well-known production company, while actively working in the Church. I deeply felt God’s calling, and decided to end my professional career and devote myself fully to serving God. I was a worship leader and served at many youth conferences in the country. I also founded the ‘Aviva’ worship school in Quito.

In February 2017, I married Jakub, and we share the same calling, mission and ministry, inspired by the Holy Spirit himself.

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